2018 7th and 8th Grade Winners

Congratulations to all our 2018 Preserve Our Past Art and Essay Invitational Winners! 

Art Winners

  First Place

Bryce Smith 
AHLF Junior High School (Searcy)                     
“Selma Methodist Church”
Selma Methodist Church in Selma                    
The Old Mill

  Second Place

Madison Caple 
Cotter Junior High                     
“Rainbow Bridge”
Rainbow Bridge in Cotter                                     
Old State House

  Third Place

Kai Griffith
Hot Springs Junior Academy
“Medical Arts Building”
Medical Arts Building in Hot Springs

The Hotze House

Honorable Mention

Abbi Kilgore                      
Wynne Junior High                     
“Riley Cabin”
Cabin in Cross County                     
The Albert Pike Memorial Temple

Honorable Mention

Emma Gomez                      
Hot Springs Junior Academy
“Malco Theater”
Malco Theater in Hot Springs                                           
Curran Hall


Essay Winners

  First Place

Bart Walker                      
Haas Hall Academy                                         
“Potts Inn Tavern”
Potts in Museum in Pottsville                                        

  Second place

Meera Arunkumar                                  
Haas Hall Academy                                         
“The Natural State's Finest Attraction”
Garvan Woodlawn and Gardens in Hot Springs                                                                     

  Third Place

Destiny Bowden                                  
Pottsville Junior High School                                                                  
“Pottsville Citizens Bank”
Pottsville Citizens Bank in Pottsville                                                                     

Honorable Mention

William Burgener                      
Hector High School                                                                  
“The Arkansas State Capitol And Its Past”
State Capitol in Little Rock                                                                                                                     


Francine Cuevas 
Hector High School
“Historic House”
Knox House in Pine Bluff