Cemeteries and National Register

How can I place an Arkansas cemetery on the National Register of Historic Places?

Cemeteries are not normally eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places as they serve primarily as a means of an individual's recognition of family history and as expressions of collective religious and/or ethnic identities. Because cemeteries may embody values beyond personal or family-specific emotions, the National Register criteria allow for listing of cemeteries under certain conditions. A cemetery is eligible if at least 51 percent of the markers are 50 years old or older and it derives its primary significance from one of the following criteria:

Contains graves of persons of transcendent importance (of great eminence in their field of endeavor or had a great impact upon the history of their community, state, or nation)

Or from its relative age in a particular geographic or cultural context (example: oldest cemetery associated with a town or community's original settlement period) 

Or from distinctive design features

Or from association with historic events.

Fill out the form you will need for the AHPP to determine if your cemetery is eligible for the National Register. 

Presbyterian Cemetery