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Crow House
Crow House



The Crow House, located approximately seven miles southeast of Star City, is one of the few remaining structures in Lincoln County which is representative of farm houses of the late nineteenth century.  Though having a rundown appearance, the house is still structurally sound.

The house was built by R. C. Crow c.1874.  Mr. Crow farmed the surrounding land, as he and his family occupied the house.  In 1928 the Crow family began renting the house out.  For over forty years the house remained rented, but for the last five years it has been vacant.

Constructed c.1874 of cypress, the building originally was a one-room-deep dog-trot with open breezeway.  Gables and outside-end chimneys were featured on the side elevations.  An attempt at refinement is reflected in the classical details, the half-returns on the gables, the symmetry, and the sidelites.

A symmetrical facade features the breezeway with windows on each side.  A narrow veranda that covers only the dog-trot is supported by slender posts.

The original veranda covered the entire façade.  The gabled roof is covered by tin.  The house is on its original site and rests on concrete piers.

An ell-shaped wing to the west elevation has a gable-extension roof over the veranda and contains two rooms.  Two inside chimneys protrude up through the medium-gabled roof which covers the ell.

The floor plan of the house is ell-shaped.  The dog-trot section has one room on each side of the open breezeway.  Each of these rooms originally had a fireplace, but the one to the south elevation has been removed, as has the chimney.  The fireplace in the other room still remains.  It has been painted to match the walls.  None of the other walls are painted or papered.  Floors are also exposed wood.

The Crow House stands as an example of a farmhouse of the latter part of the nineteenth century.  Because Lincoln County was a rural county, farmhouses predominated during this period.  Architecturally simple, the house has undergone several alterations, but it still retains its basic integrity.


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