Crow Mountain Petroglyph Site

Crow Mountain Petroglyph SiteRestricted - Pope
Location Restricted
Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 5/4/82

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This design is extremely unusual for Arkansas rock art. An interesting correlation between the southwest oriented arrow and the setting sun on the winter solstice day should be mentioned. On December 21, 1978, at 4:05 P.M. EST, it was observed that the arrow pointed to the location where the sun set behind the mountain. Whether or not this design was specifically intended to be a solstice marker, however, cannot be conclusively stated. Nevertheless, the possibility of this petroglyph being such a marker cannot be excluded since other aboriginal solstice markers have been discovered and documented elsewhere in the country (Sofaer, Anna, et al., ���A Unique Solar Marking Construct,�۝ Science, 206:4416, October 19, 1979).

It is felt that the figure is aboriginal due to the technique which was used to produce it (i.e., pecking and abrading) and to the fact that one element of the larger arrow (i.e., the feather-like motif) is stylistically similar to figures observed at other rock art sites.

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