Fox Pictograph

Fox PictographRestricted - Stone
Location Restricted
Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 5/4/82

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While anthropomorphs are not uncommon at Arkansas rock art sites, the majority of those recorded have been petroglyphs. Only one other site (Wingard Cave) is known to contain painted human figures. The fact that the painting is bichrome further distinguishes it from many of the other Arkansas aboriginal pictographs. The size of the Fox pictograph (127 cm. high) is also unusual although the general appearance of the figure is similar to other anthropomorphic renditions found at Arkansas rock art sites. It should be noted that aboriginally-produced anthropomorphic figures found in Arkansas are stylistically simple (i.e., stick figures) and generally have very little ornamentation aside from headdresses. The ear ornaments on the Fox anthropomorph distinguish it from most of the other human figures found at Arkansas rock art sites.

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