Goff Petroglyph Site

Goff Petroglyph SiteRestricted - Independence
Location Restricted
Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 5/4/75

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Aside from Petit Jean Mountain, the Batesville-Salado-Newark area may have the highest potential for unrecorded rock art sites in the state. All surveys conducted in this vicinity should be careful to include examination of both horizontal and vertical faces of rock outcrops and to incorporate rock art recording and evaluation in the research design. A letter written to S.C. Dellinger in 1933 states:

���On Salado Creek, in its bed and on the cliff beside it are what appears to be bird and animal heads and tracks carved in the rock, circles or ancient sundials, and squares divided and subdivided. These pictographs (sic) are scattered permiscibly about as though carving pictures had been indulged in as pastime for the crude artists.�۝

The letter mentions several other locations of petroglyphs in northeastern Arkansas, including the Sulphur Rock area and the Strawberry River near Evening Shade in Sharp County.

The authenticity of the site is supported by a letter with accompanying drawing of these petroglyphs sent in 1937 to S.C. Dellinger, curator of the University of Arkansas museum at that time. The site, however, remained unrecorded by archeologists until 1979.

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