Lake Catherine Quarry

Lake Catherine QuarryRestricted - Hot Spring
Location Restricted
Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 9/11/75

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The Lake Catherine quarry is the only quarry on record at present in Arkansas which is situated on a bed of purely black novaculite.

Production of this black novaculite by aboriginal miners appears to have been restricted to certain quarries, since artifacts made of the stone are relatively rare in archeological collections, and the quantity of black novaculite found at any aboriginal site is restricted. Additional analysis of this material may make it possible to develop research into the distribution of this form of novaculite through south central and southwest Arkansas by aboriginal peoples.

Additionally, evidence indicates the Lake Catherine quarry has not been disturbed by modern quarrying activities. As such, it represents a unique archeological site, with quarry pits, spoil piles and talus slope rejectage all present and remarkably intact.

The Lake Catherine quarry is an ideal site for future intensive study of Pre-Columbian mining techniques. The contents of the quarry's spoil piles and talus slopes provide data pertinent to the analysis of lithic tool manufacturing techniques. It is hoped that the site will be guarded and its integrity as an archeological resource will be maintained.

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