Serpent Cave Site

Serpent Cave SiteRestricted - Johnson
Location Restricted
Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 5/4/82

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The extent of Mississippian influence on Ozark culture in late prehistoric times is not greatly understood. In fact, it is not entirely clear whether late prehistoric lifeways in the Ozarks was influenced to a greater degree by Mississippian culture to the east, Caddoan culture to the south, or Plains culture to the west. The presence of a common Mississippian ceremonial motif (i.e., feathered or horned serpent) in a south central Ozarks rock art site certainly indicates at least some degree of eastern influence. Furthermore, the rock art at this site as well as the isolated nature of the site itself is suggestive of the ritualistic behavior and activities which might have been associated with solitary religious experiences or ���vision quests.�۝

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