Wyatt Petroglyphs Site

Wyatt Petroglyphs SiteRestricted - Independence
Location Restricted
Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 5/4/82

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These petroglyphs fit into the Mississippi Stylized rock art style designated by Campbell Grant. Petroglyphs of this style are concentrated in eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois, where designs "are found on the horizontal surfaces of limestone bedrock, usually in hilly and forested land. The thunderbird is the dominant design element but hand and footprints, humans, arrows, and bird tracks are abundant.�۝

The crescent and the rayed circle are motifs also found at other nominated pictograph sites.

The White River valley immediately north of the site contains numerous large village sites dating to the late prehistoric Greenbrier Phase. This phase has not been studied by professional archeologists, but it is likely that coordination of rock art with future archeological investigations in this area can establish a link between the two types of sites.

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