Arkansas Historic Places Film Prize


The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program announces the Arkansas Historic Places Student Film Prize for Arkansas students. The AHP Film Prize is sponsored by the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program and the Quapaw Quarter Association, and in partnership with Arkansas Educational Television Network’s Student Selects: A Young Filmmaker's Showcase. This competition honors documentaries made by students in the 5th - 12th grades about historic site's in the state. Films must be between five and fifteen minutes long and must be about a building, archeological site, or other historically significant site that is fifty years old or older. Sites do not have to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places, although they may be.

Winning films will be showcased at Ron Robinson Theater on May 13, 2019, and will also be considered for inclusion in the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival in October of 2019.

Films awarded Grand Prize and 1st - 4th place honors will receive a cash award, trophy, and participation certificate. Schools will receive a travel honorarium of $150 to bring students to the May 13th screening event in Little Rock.


Competition Rules and Guidelines

  1. 1. Films must be 5 to 15 minutes in length.
  2. 2. Films must be non-fiction.
  3. 3. Formats and genres include, but are not limited to, video, animation, stop-motion, and Claymation.
  4. 4. We do not accept presentations in other forms, like PowerPoint.
  5. 5. Films must focus in some way on a historic site in the state of Arkansas that is 50 years old or older.
  6. 6. All entries must follow all other rules for the AETN Student Selects program. Click here to find more information on the AETN website.


The deadline for the Arkansas Historic Places Student Film Prize is April 1, 2019. 

How to Enter:

Go to the AETN website and follow instructions for submitting your films. Fill out the entry form for the Student Selects program and make sure to check the box indicating your film is also entered into the Arkansas Historic Places Student Film Prize.

Click here to request more information on the AHP Student Film Prize or call Amy Milliken at 501-324-9786. 

For any questions about AETN Student Selects: A Young Filmmaker's Showcase, please contact Casey Sanders at 501-682-4190.