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Clarksville High School Building No. 1
Clarksville High School Building No. 1



Coal mining, natural gas production and the peach industry were staples of the Clarksville economy in the 1930's.  Many local residents were employed in shipping the peach crop to distant cities to market; some drivers were known to sleep on the courthouse lawn so that they would be ready to leave at daybreak for the nearby orchards.  Johnson County ranked third in the state in coal production during the 1930's, and natural gas resources began to be developed in 1929.  Nevertheless, the poor economy reduced demand and lowered prices on much of the county's production, and the construction of the Clarksville High School Building in 1936 provided much needed employment for several local residents.[1]

The Clarksville High School Building No. 1, constructed during the period covered by the historic context The Evolution of the Public School System in the Arkansas Ozarks, 1920-1940, is a representative example of a small, brick and stucco school building constructed for a small city school district.  Its use during this period as a local school building clearly identifies it with this historic context and with this property type.  It is significant locally under Criterion A through its direct associations with the history of the evolution of the public school system in the Ozark Mountain region of the state during this period.

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