King's Canyon Petroglyphs Site

King's Canyon Petroglyphs SiteRestricted - Johnson
Location Restricted
Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 5/4/82

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The turkey track and sunburst designs are relatively common aboriginal rock art symbols for sites located in Arkansas. The pecked footprint is unusual for the western and central Ozark area. This motif is more commonly associated with Mississippian culture and has been observed at rock art sites in eastern Missouri as well as at the rock art sites in Independence County in Arkansas. The large curvilinear design is stylistically similar to designs found in the eastern United States (Klaus Wellmann: personal communication). The presence of these symbols which suggest relationship and/or association with Mississippian and eastern United States culture are potentially valuable in understanding the nature of human behavior and adaptation in the central Ozarks of Arkansas during late prehistoric times.

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