Pictograph Cave

Pictograph CaveRestricted - Stone
Location Restricted
Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 5/4/82

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The pictographs at this site, along with those at Cooper's Bluff, possibly represent the most distant expression from the hypothesized origins (i.e., Petit Jean Mountain) of the ���Petit Jean Painted�۝ style. Not only is the technique of application similar to that of the Petit Jean Mountain pictographs but also many of the designs are stylistically related to those found on Petit Jean. For instance, the parallel wavy lines found at one site and the straight line projections found at another site are combined in a single motif at this one. As previously suggested, this motif could be representative of a common theme in the rock art found at this site. Nevertheless, more specific analyses (e.g., chemical analysis of pigments, comparisons of application techniques, etc.) would be required to test this idea.

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